Energy metabolism during transplantation rejection.

  title={Energy metabolism during transplantation rejection.},
  author={James D. Luketich and D A Lenrow and Ali Naji and R J Banchs and James L. Mullen},
  volume={106 2},
  pages={209-14; discussion 214-5}
The effect of transplantation rejection on energy metabolism is unknown. In order to investigate energy expenditure changes in this setting, we used an eight-cage rat indirect calorimeter to measure resting energy expenditure (REE) in the well-defined model of rat cardiac transplantation. Preoperative baseline measurements of REE were performed on Lewis recipients of allogeneic (Wistar Furth) or syngeneic (Lewis) heterotopic abdominal cardiac grafts (80.3 +/- 3.3 kcal0.75/day). Postoperatively… CONTINUE READING