Energy implications of future stabilization of atmospheric CO2 content

  title={Energy implications of future stabilization of atmospheric CO2 content},
  author={Martin I. Hoffert and Ken Caldeira and Atul K. Jain and Erik F. Haites and L. D. Danny Harvey and Seth D. Potter and Michael E. Schlesinger and Stephen H. Schneider and Robert G. Watts and Tom M. L. Wigley and Donald J. Wuebbles},
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change calls for “stabilization of greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system . . . ”. A standard baseline scenario, that assumes no policy intervention to limit greenhouse-gas emissions has 10 TW (10 × 1012 watts) of carbon-emission-free power being produced by the year 2050, equivalent to the power provided by all today's energy sources combined… CONTINUE READING

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