Energy expenditure, aging and body composition.

  title={Energy expenditure, aging and body composition.},
  author={Susan B Roberts and Paul J Fuss and William J Evans and Melvin B. Heyman and Vernon R. Young},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={123 2 Suppl},
We investigated the importance of adaptive variations in energy expenditure in the regulation of energy balance in young and elderly men of normal body weight leading unrestricted lives. Changes were measured in total and resting energy expenditure and body composition in response to overeating by approximately 4.2 MJ/d or undereating by 3.3 MJ/d for 21 d in 39 young and elderly men consuming a typical diet. In the young men, an average of 85-90% of the excess energy intake during overeating… CONTINUE READING

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