Energy-efficient computation offloading model for mobile phone environment

  title={Energy-efficient computation offloading model for mobile phone environment},
  author={Krisztian Fekete and Krist{\'o}f Csorba and Bertalan Forstner and Marcell Feh{\'e}r and Tam{\'a}s Vajk},
  journal={2012 IEEE 1st International Conference on Cloud Networking (CLOUDNET)},
The popularity of smartphones is growing every day. Thanks to the more powerful hardware the applications can run more tasks and use broadband network connection, however there are several known issues. For example, under typical usage (messaging, browsing, and gaming) a smartphone can be discharged in one day. This makes the battery life one of the biggest problems of the mobile devices. That is a good motivation to find energy-efficient solutions. One of the possible methods is the… CONTINUE READING


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