Energy dissipation statistics in the random fuse model.

  title={Energy dissipation statistics in the random fuse model.},
  author={Clara B. Picallo and Juan M. L{\'o}pez},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={77 4 Pt 2},
  • C. B. Picallo, Juan M. López
  • Published 15 April 2008
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
We study the statistics of the dissipated energy in the two-dimensional random fuse model for fracture under different imposed strain conditions. By means of extensive numerical simulations we compare different ways to compute the dissipated energy. In the case of an infinitely slow driving rate (quasistatic model), we find that the probability distribution of the released energy shows two different scaling regions separated by a sharp energy crossover. At low energies, the probability of… 
Effect of inertia on sheared disordered solids: critical scaling of avalanches in two and three dimensions.
  • K. Salerno, M. Robbins
  • Physics, Medicine
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2013
Molecular dynamics simulations with varying damping are used to examine the effects of inertia and spatial dimension on sheared disordered solids in the athermal quasistatic limit to identify three distinct universality classes corresponding to overdamped and underdamped limits.
Failure as a critical phenomenon in a progressive damage model
The critical point hypothesis for fracture is tested using a progressive damage model. The advantage of the present model, based on continuum mechanics, is the possibility of tracking the approach to
Variability in the power-law distributions of rupture events
Rupture events, as the propagation of cracks or the sliding along faults, associated with the deformation of brittle materials are observed to obey power-law distributions. This is verified at scales
Crackling noise and its dynamics in fracture of disordered media
Laboratory experiments on fracture yield ample evidence on the stick-slip or intermittent character of the dynamics of failure. We discuss the experimental evidence about such intermittency based on
Criticality of degradation in composite materials subjected to cyclic loading
Abstract Degradation of composite materials subject to cyclic loading is a multi-step process involving micro-cracks formation and progression until failure occurs. In this paper, the signatures of
Electro-thermally induced structural failure actuator (ETISFA) for implantable controlled drug delivery devices based on micro-electro-mechanical-systems.
In vitro release experiments demonstrated repeatable release curves of mannitol-C(14) that precisely follow ideal first order release kinetics that hold great promise for controlled release in biomedical microdevices.
Acoustic emission of fatigue crack in pressure pipe under cyclic pressure
The hydraulic pressure experiment was conducted on a pipe specimen to simulate active defect evolvement of main cooling piping in the nuclear power plant (NPP), and the acoustic emission technique


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