Energy deposition in small cylindrical targets by ultrasoft x-rays.

  title={Energy deposition in small cylindrical targets by ultrasoft x-rays.},
  author={Hooshang Nikjoo and Dudley T. Goodhead and David E Charlton and Herwig G. Paretzke},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={34 6},
A Monte Carlo technique has been employed to calculate the energy deposition events in small cylindrical targets (less than or equal to 100 nm), including sizes which represent the DNA duplex, nucleosome and chromatin fibre, by simulated electron tracks from C (278 eV), A1 (1487 eV) and Ti (4509 eV) characteristic ultrasoft x-rays in water. Detailed examples of input data tables for the generation of electron tracks produced from the x-ray photon interactions are presented. Frequencies of… CONTINUE READING

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