Energy cost of and energy sources for alpine skiing in top athletes.

  title={Energy cost of and energy sources for alpine skiing in top athletes.},
  author={Arsenio Veicsteinas and Gianna Ferretti and Vittoria Margonato and Gilberto Pires da Rosa and D Tagliabue},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology: respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology},
  volume={56 5},
O2 uptake (VO2) during exercise and at 2 min of the recovery along with blood lactate concentration 5 min after exercise were measured in an all-out special slalom (SS) and giant slalom (GS) performed by eight top male athletes and five controls in a field study. Heart rate (HR) was continuously monitored before, during, and after each task. On the basis of an energy equivalent of 3.15 ml O2 X kg body wt-1 for 1 mmol X 1-1 lactate accumulation and the assumption that the amount of O2 consumed… CONTINUE READING


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