Energy cascades in rapidly rotating and stratified turbulence within elongated domains

  title={Energy cascades in rapidly rotating and stratified turbulence within elongated domains},
  author={Adrian van Kan and Alexandros Alexakis},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
Abstract We study forced, rapidly rotating and stably stratified turbulence in an elongated domain using an asymptotic expansion at simultaneously low Rossby number $\mathit {Ro}\ll 1$ and large domain height compared with the energy injection scale, $h=H/\ell _{in}\gg 1$. The resulting equations depend on the parameter $\lambda =(h \mathit {Ro} )^{-1}$ and the Froude number $\mathit {Fr}$. An extensive set of direct numerical simulations (DNS) is performed to explore the parameter space… 
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