Energy balance at high altitude of 6,542 m.

  title={Energy balance at high altitude of 6,542 m.},
  author={K. R. Westerterp and Bengt Kayser and Loek Wouters and J L Le Trong and Jean Paul Richalet},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={77 2},
Weight loss due to malnutrition and possibly intestinal malabsorption is a well-known phenomenon in high-altitude climbers. Up to approximately 5,000 m, energy balance may be attained and intestinal energy digestibility remains normal. To see whether 1) energy balance may also be attained at 6,542 m and, if not, 2) whether decreased energy digestibility would play a significant role in the energy deficit, energy intake (EI), energy expenditure, body composition, and energy digestibility of 10… CONTINUE READING


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