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Energy Management System for Resilience-Oriented Operation of Ship Power Systems

  title={Energy Management System for Resilience-Oriented Operation of Ship Power Systems},
  author={Thai-Thanh Nguyen and Bang Le-Huy Nguyen and Tuyen V. Vu},
• A resilience-oriented energy management system of ship power systems is proposed. • Multiple types of energy storage systems such as battery energy storage and supercapacitor energy storage systems are considered. • Multi-objective optimization problem and gradient descent algorithm are proposed to balance the trade-off between multiple objectives. • A comparison study between the receding horizon optimization and fixed horizon optimization is presented. • Proposed receding horizon… 


Optimal Power Management With GHG Emissions Limitation in All-Electric Ship Power Systems Comprising Energy Storage Systems
  • F. Kanellos
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 2014
The extensive electrification of ship power systems has become a very appealing option for the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly ships. Optimal power management and energy
Optimal planning and operation management of a ship electrical power system with energy storage system
Simulation results showed that including well-sized energy storage options together with optimal operation management of generating units can improve the economic operation of the test system while meeting the system's constraints.
Distributed energy management for ship power systems with distributed energy storage
A distributed Energy Management scheme for a 4-zone ship power system is presented and experimental results validate the proposed control technique using hardware controllers interfacing with a real-time simulator.
Predictive Control for Energy Management in Ship Power Systems Under High-Power Ramp Rate Loads
This paper proposes and implements an energy management scheme based on model predictive control to optimize the coordination between the energy storage and the power generators under high-power ramp rate conditions and results validate the proposed technique in a reduced scale, notional electric ship power system.
Coordinated Optimal Voyage Planning and Energy Management of All-Electric Ship With Hybrid Energy Storage System
All-electric (AES) ship power system (SPS) generally employs energy storage (ESS) to improve operation efficiency, redundancy, and flexibility while reducing environmental impacts. Depending on the
Optimal Flow of MVDC Shipboard Microgrids With Hybrid Storage Enhanced With Capacitive and Resistive Droop Controllers
  • J. Khazaei
  • Materials Science
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 2021
Hybrid storage system composed of battery energy storage systems (BESSs) and supercapacitors is a promising solution to mitigate the high frequency power fluctuations of pulsed power loads (PPLs) in
Upper Bound Performance of Shipboard Power and Energy Systems for Early-Stage Design
A numerical optimization technique is described that establishes an upper bound performance criteria without manually designing controllers for each system, and yields a fair comparison between competing architectures without the variability of different control methods.
Two-Step Multi-Objective Management of Hybrid Energy Storage System in All-Electric Ship Microgrids
The all-electric ship (AES) usually employs battery energy storage systems (ESSs) in the shipboard microgrid. However, the battery-only storage usually experiences frequent deep discharging or
Decentralized Control Algorithm for the Hybrid Energy Storage of Shipboard Power System
A decentralized control algorithm for the medium-voltage direct current (MVDC) shipboard storage system to enhance the onboard survivability and take decisions based on local measurements, which makes it robust against cyber-attacks and able to provide a fast response.
Optimization of MVDC Power System of All Electric Ship Based on Hybrid Energy Storage
  • Xiuyan Peng, Luo Zhao
  • Computer Science
    2019 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA)
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The energy storage module is used to stabilize the power fluctuation of the ship network and improve the system stability and power quality, and the influence of the hybrid energy storage system on the back-end weakening fluctuation is better than a single energy storage method.