Energy Harvesting Using a Cheap Easy-to- Fabricate FM Rectenna


Energy harvesting techniques are emerging as environmental friendly energy sources, which form a promising alternative to existing energy resources. These include rectennas, solar cells, harvesting human energy and wind power. GHz/THz rectennas already exist and have some characteristics such as small size and wideband. These rectennas have a lot of disadvantages such as power fading, complicated design procedure and high fabrication technology. Thus, the present paper suggests using FM rectennas to solve these problems and by using fractals we will keep the advantages. The present paper discusses the design and implementation of a rectenna prototype operating in the FM range. Using Fractal antennas (which offer broadband/multiband operation) and simple tricks from circuit design, God’s willing, proves to be a successful strategy for obtaining useful power from a cheap easy to fabricate rectenna that can be even made in home by interested users. The paper includes theoretical discussion, simulation results and practical prototype results.

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