Energy Expenditure for 70 Activities in Children and Adolescents.

  title={Energy Expenditure for 70 Activities in Children and Adolescents.},
  author={Jeffer Eidi Sasaki and Cheryl A. Howe and Dinesh John and Amanda Hickey and Jeremy A. Steeves and Scott A. Conger and Kate Lyden and Sarah Kozey-Keadle and Sarah Burkart and Sofiya Alhassan and David R. Bassett and Patty S. Freedson},
  journal={Journal of physical activity & health},
  volume={13 6 Suppl 1},
BACKGROUND Thirty-five percent of the activities assigned MET values in the Compendium of Energy Expenditures for Youth were obtained from direct measurement of energy expenditure (EE). The aim of this study was to provide directly measured EE for several different activities in youth. METHODS Resting metabolic rate (RMR) of 178 youths (80 females, 98 males) was first measured. Participants then performed structured activity bouts while wearing a portable metabolic system to directly measure… CONTINUE READING