Energy Consumption and Water Production Cost of Conventional and Renewable-Energy-Powered Desalination Processes

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Renewable Energy-Powered Membrane Technology: Cost Analysis and Energy Consumption

  • M. Garg
  • Engineering
    Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes
  • 2019

Energy Consumption and Water Production Costs of Desalination Technologies in PLN

  • M. TrianiZulham
  • Engineering
    2019 5th International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST)
  • 2019
Two main technologies are currently installed in PLN consist of thermal processes and membrane processes. Thermal processes include multistage flash distillation (MSF) and multi-effect distillation

Commercial Thermal Technologies for Desalination of Water from Renewable Energies: A State of the Art Review

Thermal desalination is yet a reliable technology in the treatment of brackish water and seawater; however, its demanding high energy requirements have lagged it compared to other non-thermal

Integration of waste heat in thermal desalination technologies: A review

Desalination is increasingly becoming a crucial method for providing fresh water globally. However, most of the desalination technologies are energy-intensive and driven by fossil fuels that are

Evaluation of Solar Energy Powered Seawater Desalination Processes: A Review

Solar energy, amongst all renewable energies, has attracted inexhaustible attention all over the world as a supplier of sustainable energy. The energy requirement of major seawater desalination

Single-Stage, Venturi-Driven Desalination System

Water demand is increasing at a rapid pace due to population increase, industrial expansion, and agricultural development. The use of desalination technology to meet the high water demands has



Energy issues in desalination processes.

  • R. Semiat
  • Engineering
    Environmental science & technology
  • 2008
The current energy consumption of different desalination processes is reviewed and a comparison with other common energy-consuming ventures leads to some interesting conclusions.

Solar thermal desalination technologies