Energy, uncertainty, and entrepreneurship: John D Rockefeller’s sequential approach to transaction costs management in the early oil industry

  title={Energy, uncertainty, and entrepreneurship: John D Rockefeller’s sequential approach to transaction costs management in the early oil industry},
  author={Jose A. Bolanos},
  journal={Energy Research \& Social Science},
  • J. A. Bolanos
  • Published 1 September 2019
  • Business
  • Energy Research & Social Science
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Model Development of Information Technology Value for Downstream Petroleum Industry
  • Taufik Hidayat, Rahutomo Mahardiko
  • Economics, Computer Science
    2020 3rd International Seminar on Research of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ISRITI)
  • 2020
The research result shows that certain IT resources may have positive impacts to IT value by deploying IT value model.
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