Energetics of hydrogen bond network rearrangements in liquid water.

  title={Energetics of hydrogen bond network rearrangements in liquid water.},
  author={Jared D. Smith and Christopher D Cappa and Kevin R Wilson and Benjamin M. Messer and Ronald C. Cohen and Richard J Saykally},
  volume={306 5697},
A strong temperature dependence of oxygen K-edge x-ray absorption fine structure features was observed for supercooled and normal liquid water droplets prepared from the breakup of a liquid microjet. Analysis of the data over the temperature range 251 to 288 kelvin (-22 degrees to +15 degrees C) yields a value of 1.5 +/- 0.5 kilocalories per mole for the average thermal energy required to effect an observable rearrangement between the fully coordinated ("ice-like") and distorted ("broken-donor… CONTINUE READING