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Endpoint $L^1$ estimates for Hodge systems

  title={Endpoint \$L^1\$ estimates for Hodge systems},
  author={Felipe Hern{\'a}ndez and Bogdan Raiță and Daniel Spector},
In this paper we give a simple proof of the endpoint Besov-Lorentz estimate ‖IαF‖Ḃ0,1 d/(d−α),1 (Rd;Rk) ≤ C‖F‖L1(Rd;Rk) for all F ∈ L1(Rd;Rk) which satisfy a first order cocancelling differential constraint. We show how this implies endpoint Besov-Lorentz estimates for Hodge systems with L1 data via fractional integration for exterior derivatives. 


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