Endovascular stenting for aortic (re)coarctation in adults.

  title={Endovascular stenting for aortic (re)coarctation in adults.},
  author={Els Moltzer and J. W. Roos-Hesselink and Sing Chien Yap and Judith Anne Adriane Ellen Cuypers and A. J. J. C. Bogers and Peter P. T. de Jaegere and Maarten Witsenburg},
  journal={Netherlands heart journal : monthly journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology and the Netherlands Heart Foundation},
  volume={18 9},
Objectives. Stenting for native and recurrent coarctation (COA) in adults has become an important therapeutic strategy. In this prospective observational study we evaluated the intermediate-term outcome of stent implantation for either native or recurrent (re)COA in adults.Methods. All adults who underwent stent implantation in our institution between January 2003 and December 2008 were included. Diagnosis of (re)COA was based upon a combination of clinical signs, noninvasive imaging or… CONTINUE READING