Endothelium-dependent modulation of vascular tone and platelet function.

  title={Endothelium-dependent modulation of vascular tone and platelet function.},
  author={Ulrich Pohl and R. S. Busse},
  journal={European heart journal},
  volume={11 Suppl B},
Endothelial cells exert potent effects on vascular tone and platelet activity by the release of autacoids. One of the functionally most important autacoids is the endothelium-derived relaxant factor (EDRF). It inhibits platelet and vascular smooth muscle activation by cGMP-dependent attenuation of the agonist-induced rise of intracellular free Ca2+. Recent experiments suggest that EDRF has a physiologic role in the control of the vascular tone of large arteries and resistance vessels… CONTINUE READING


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