Endothelin-sensitive areas in the ventral surface of the rat medulla.

  title={Endothelin-sensitive areas in the ventral surface of the rat medulla.},
  author={Tomoyuki Kuwaki and Wen Hui Cao and Miyuki Unekawa and Naohito Terui and Mamoru Kumada},
  journal={Journal of the autonomic nervous system},
  volume={36 2},
In urethane-anesthetized rats, subregions of the ventral surface of the medulla (VSM) in which endothelin (ET) caused cardiorespiratory effects were mapped by topically applying 1 pmol of ET-1. Two distinct subregions, termed the rostral and caudal ET-sensitive areas, were identified. The rostral area was also sensitive to L-glutamate and glycine. It extended between the caudal end of the trapezoid body and the rootlet of the XIIth nerve partly overlying the pyramidal tract. In this position ET… CONTINUE READING