Endothelin-B receptors activate Gα13.

  title={Endothelin-B receptors activate Gα13.},
  author={Kenichiro Kitamura and Naoki Shiraishi and William D. Singer and Mary E. Handlogten and Kimio Tomita and Richard Tyler Miller},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Cell physiology},
  volume={276 4},
Endothelin (ET) receptors activate heterotrimeric G proteins that are members of the Gi, Gq, and Gs families but may also activate members of other families such as Gα12/13. Gα13 has multiple complex cellular effects that are similar to those of ET. We studied the ability of ET receptors to activate Gα13 using an assay for G protein α-chain activation that is based on the fact that an activated (GTP-bound) α-chain is resistant to trypsinization compared with an inactive (GDP-bound) α-chain… CONTINUE READING

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