Endothelin-1 inhibits apoptosis in prostate cancer.

  title={Endothelin-1 inhibits apoptosis in prostate cancer.},
  author={Joel B. Nelson and Michael S Udan and Georgi Guruli and Beth R. Pflug},
  volume={7 7},
Endothelin-1 (ET-1), produced by the prostate epithelia, likely plays an important role in the progression of prostate cancer. ET-1 can bind two receptor subtypes; generally, binding of the endothelin receptor A (ET(A)) induces a survival pathway, whereas binding of the endothelin receptor B (ET(B)) mediates clearance of circulating ET-1 as well as promotes apoptosis. In prostate carcinoma, hypermethylation of the ET(B) promoter results in repression of ET(B) expression, thereby eliminating the… CONTINUE READING

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