Endothelial dysfunction in haemophilia patients.

  title={Endothelial dysfunction in haemophilia patients.},
  author={Maria Teresa Sartori and Franca Bilora and Ezio Zanon and Costantino Varvarikis and Graziella Saggiorato and Enrico Campagnolo and Antonio Pagnan and Giuseppe Cella},
  journal={Haemophilia : the official journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia},
  volume={14 5},
Haemophilia patients may develop cardiovascular diseases, suggesting that their clotting defect does not protect them completely from atherosclerosis and its complications. We aimed to evaluate cardiovascular risk factors and, for the first time, the presence of endothelial dysfunction in middle-aged haemophilia patients. We studied 40 patients with haemophilia A and B (24 with moderate-severe disease and 16 with mild disease), and 40 healthy controls. Flow-mediated dilation (FMD), carotid… CONTINUE READING