Endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress in chronic renal failure.

  title={Endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress in chronic renal failure.},
  author={Lorenzo Ghiadoni and Adamasco Cupisti and Yale Huang and Paola Mattei and H{\'e}lo{\"i}se Cardinal and Stefania Favilla and Paolo Rindi and Giuliano Barsotti and Stefano Taddei and Antonio Salvetti},
  journal={Journal of nephrology},
  volume={17 4},
Uremic patients have an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress that can contribute to cardiovascular (CV) events. To assess the relationship between endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and renal failure severity, we studied 40 patients (age 57 +/- 7 yrs, 24 males) affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD) K/DOQI stage 3-5 (serum creatinine (Cr) 5.6 +/- 2.2 mg/dL) on conservative treatment, 20 uremic patients (age 57 +/- 12 yrs, 13… CONTINUE READING


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