Endothelial caveolin-1 regulates pathologic angiogenesis in a mouse model of colitis.

  title={Endothelial caveolin-1 regulates pathologic angiogenesis in a mouse model of colitis.},
  author={John H. Chidlow and Joshua J M Greer and Christoph Anthoni and Pascal Bernatchez and Carlos Fern{\'a}ndez-Hernando and Megan Bruce and Maisoun Abdelbaqi and Deepti Shukla and Daniel Neil Granger and William C Sessa and Christopher G. Kevil},
  volume={136 2},
BACKGROUND & AIMS Increased vascular density has been associated with progression of human inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) and animal models of colitis. Pathologic angiogenesis in chronically inflamed tissues is mediated by several factors that are regulated at specialized lipid rafts known as caveolae. Caveolin-1 (Cav-1), the major structural protein of caveolae in endothelial cells, is involved in the regulation of angiogenesis, so we investigated its role in experimental colitis… CONTINUE READING
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