Endosperm response to pollen irradiation in kiwifruit

  title={Endosperm response to pollen irradiation in kiwifruit},
  author={Krystyna Musial and Leslaw Przywara},
  journal={Sexual Plant Reproduction},
 Cytological details of endosperm development after pollination with irradiated pollen were studied in Actinidia deliciosa (kiwifruit) cultivar Hayward. Pollinations were carried out involving five different sources of pollen (Matua, Tomuri, Burt, Berryman, and fruiting male) irradiated with gamma rays at doses of 700 and 900 Gy. Non-irradiated crosses were used as controls. Irradiated pollen induced development of approximately 25–30% of the ovules. Two types of ovules were observed: (1) with… CONTINUE READING