Endosperm dosage relationships among Lycopersicon species


Accessions of eight Lycopersicon species and five yellow-flowered Solanum species were used as males in crosses with 2x and 4x L. esculentum to observe seed set and progeny ploidy. Species which failed in crosses to L. esculentum were crossed as males to 2x and 4x L. peruvianum. In cases of low seed set, chromosome counts were undertaken to establish the… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00224284


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@article{Ehlenfeldt1992EndospermDR, title={Endosperm dosage relationships among Lycopersicon species}, author={Mark K. Ehlenfeldt and Robert E. Hanneman}, journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics}, year={1992}, volume={83}, pages={367-372} }