Endosonographic diagnosis of benign pancreatic and biliary lesions.

  title={Endosonographic diagnosis of benign pancreatic and biliary lesions.},
  author={Henryk Dancygier and Meinhard Classen},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology. Supplement},
The transduodenal and transgastric route provides good access to the pancreas and to large parts of the biliary tract, and endosonography (ES) creates images of high-detail resolution. Of 87 patients examined, 33 had benign lesions of the pancreas and biliary tract. All of 12 patients with chronic calcifying pancreatitis were correctly diagnosed, and ES in addition displayed minute cysts that were missed with conventional imaging modalities. Two of three apudomas were seen with ES, and seven of… CONTINUE READING