Endoscopy of the tube (= tuboscopy): its prognostic value for tuboplasties.

  title={Endoscopy of the tube (= tuboscopy): its prognostic value for tuboplasties.},
  author={J Henry-suchet and V Loffredo and Laurent Tesquier and J. P. Pez},
  journal={Acta Europaea fertilitatis},
  volume={16 2},
A tuboscopy was performed during tuboplasties, in 131 cases; this method gives the surgeon a direct, panoramic view of the ampullary mucosa; the lesions observed differ in 50% of cases from what was expected according to the hysterosalpingography. A 2 year follow-up shows that normal uterine pregnancies occurred only in women with at least one tube with normal mucosa according to the tuboscopy, whichever the lesions or the results of the hysterosalpingography; the other cases only had ectopic… CONTINUE READING