Endoscopy and otomicroscopy in the estimation of middle ear structures.


In order to study the variation within and between endoscopy and otomicroscopy a Gage repeatability and reproducibility design was created, with which the middle ears were studied of eight cadaver temporal bone blocks through the ear canal three times in random order using both methods. A Zeiss OPMT-1 operating microscope and Olympus endoscopes were used. The data were analysed in accordance with the analysis of variance principle, where the total variation was divided into different components. The anatomical areas were counted and registered via quadrants. There was a distinct difference between the results of the two methods in favour of the endoscopes. Furthermore, the variation between the methods and between the trials was analogous.

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@article{Karhuketo1997EndoscopyAO, title={Endoscopy and otomicroscopy in the estimation of middle ear structures.}, author={Tapio S Karhuketo and Pekka Laippala and Heikki J Puhakka and Markku Sipil{\"a}}, journal={Acta oto-laryngologica}, year={1997}, volume={117 4}, pages={585-9} }