Endoscopic ultrasonography features of calcified gastric cancer.

  title={Endoscopic ultrasonography features of calcified gastric cancer.},
  author={Antonio Guti{\'e}rrez del Olmo and Matilde Asteinza and Jorge Loscos and E Nisa and Walid Baki and J. Fern{\'a}ndez Gonz{\'a}lez and Juan Andr{\'e}s Ram{\'i}rez Armengol},
  volume={48 37},
Calcifications are a rare finding described in benign and malignant tumors located in any site of the body. Their presence in stomach and colon carcinomas is very rare. Most of the cases described are mucinous adenocarcinomas. We present the case of one patient with this disease studied with endoscopic ultrasonography. There were punctate calcifications in the submucosa layer that tended to take on a crown-like shape in the outer-most area, producing an acoustic shadow. The pathological study… CONTINUE READING