Endoscopic ultrasonography and computed tomography scanning for preoperative staging of colonic cancer


With an increasing demand for more accurate preoperative staging methods for colon cancer, we aimed to compare preoperative tumour (T)- and nodal (N)-stage in patients with left-sided colon cancer by endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) and computed tomography (CT) with post-operative histology as gold standard. A total of 44 patients were prospectively recruited at Herlev and Roskilde University Hospitals during November 2014–January 2016. Thirty-five patients were included in the final analysis and underwent EUS, CT and surgery within 2 weeks. Diagnostic values were evaluated for “low risk” (T1+T2+T3 with ≤5 mm extramural invasion) and “high risk” (T3 with >5 mm of extramural spread + T4) colonic cancer. Sensitivity and specificity in “low risk” colonic cancer evaluated with EUS was 0.90 [0.74;0.98] and 0.75 [0.19;0.99] and with CT 0.96 [0.80;0.99] and 0.25 [<0.01;0.81]. EUS and CT were poor in predicting N0 or N+ disease. The sensitivity of EUS and CT were good and comparable regarding T-stage evaluation, while EUS had a significantly higher specificity in the evaluation of “low risk” tumours. The results obtained for “high risk” colonic cancer were difficult to evaluate due to small patient numbers. EUS could be considered as a supplement to CT scans in selecting patients for neoadjuvant therapies, or local transmural treatment, in the future. NCT02324023

DOI: 10.1007/s00384-017-2820-x

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