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  • Published 2004

Endoscopic survey of esophageal cancer in a high-risk area of China

  title={Endoscopic survey of esophageal cancer in a high-risk area of China},
  author={Xu-JingLu and Zhi-FengChen and Cui-LanGuo and Shao-SenLi and Wen-LongBai and Guo-LiangJin and Yu-XiaWang and Fan-ShuMeng and FengGao and JunHou},
AIM: To characterize the histological types of esophageal and cardiac mucosa by endoscopic survey of a population in a high-risk area of esophageal cancer of China. METHODS: A selected cohort of residents in Cixian County during December 2001 and May 2002 was surveyed by using Lugol's staining, followed by computer-based statistical analysis of the data with SPSS 10.0 software. RESULTS: Histologically, the detection rates of squamous epithelial acanthosis, squamous epithelial atrophy, and basal… CONTINUE READING

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