Endoscopic resection of thyroid tumors by the axillary approach.

  title={Endoscopic resection of thyroid tumors by the axillary approach.},
  author={Yoshifumi Ikeda and Hiroshi E. Takami and Yuzo Sasaki and Shigenao Kan and Masanori Niimi},
  journal={The Journal of cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={41 5},
One of the problems of surgery in the neck is the scar. Endoscopic surgery has recently been applied to cervical exploration and the scars of the neck are small and inconspicuous, but a few patients still complain of it. For this reason, we developed a technique of endoscopic resection of thyroid tumors using an axillary approach. This approach does not leave a scar on the neck or the chest, and the small scar in the axilla is completely covered by the patient's arm in a natural manner… CONTINUE READING