Endoscopic repair of frontal sinus fracture: case report.


Although the benefits of endoscopic techniques including direct visualization as well as minimization of scars and morbidity have been employed in general, gynecological, and thoracic cases, only recently have plastic surgeons begun to champion endoscopic procedures in their practices. The authors describe an endoscopic procedure that reduces an anterior wall frontal sinus fracture through two 1.0 cm paramedian stab incisions located less than 1.0 cm behind the hairline of a 13-year-old female patient. The repair, performed in the bloodless subperiosteal plane, was executed with a 30 degrees endoscope and endoscopic instrumentation. The patient had restoration of her cosmetic deformity and no postoperative morbidity. To the authors' knowledge, this represents the first description of endoscopic repair of a traumatic frontal bone defect.

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