Endoscopic partial laminectomy for cervical myelopathy.

  title={Endoscopic partial laminectomy for cervical myelopathy.},
  author={Shoji Yabuki and Shin-ichi Kikuchi},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery. Spine},
  volume={2 2},
OBJECT The authors report the results of endoscopic partial laminectomy performed in 10 patients with degenerative cervical compressive myelopathy. METHODS Endoscopic partial laminectomy was performed safely in 10 patients with cervical myelopathy. All of the patients experienced symptomatic improvement with slight postoperative wound pain. The mean operative duration was 164+/-35 minutes and the mean intraoperative blood loss was 45.5+/-27 ml. CONCLUSIONS Endoscopic partial laminectomy may… CONTINUE READING

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