Endoscopic management of craniopharyngiomas: a review of 3 cases.

  title={Endoscopic management of craniopharyngiomas: a review of 3 cases.},
  author={J Abdullah and Jacques J Caemaert},
  journal={Minimally invasive neurosurgery : MIN},
  volume={38 2},
The authors describe the endoscopic management of cystic craniopharyngiomas in 3 cases. This method has been attempted in cystic craniopharyngiomas using a rigid endoscope. The instrument has been described earlier (7-9). All these operations were done under general anaesthesia. Criteria for endoscopic extirpation and removal included type D, E, F classification according to Yasargil (17). All 3 cases fitted in the F category. There were one female and two male patients. In the female patient… CONTINUE READING