Endoscopic management of Zenker diverticulum: the staple-assisted approach.

  title={Endoscopic management of Zenker diverticulum: the staple-assisted approach.},
  author={William J Richtsmeier},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={115 Suppl 3A},
Hypopharyngeal (Zenker) diverticulum is a physiologic obstruction of the esophageal entroitus due, at least in part, to reflux irritation. Endoscopic techniques have largely replaced the traditional treatment, comprising external excision and myotomy. In this article, the classic Dohlman technique is compared with the newer endoscopic staple-assisted esophagodiverticulostomy, which provides an endoscopic approach to Zenker diverticulum-associated dysphasia. This technique can be practiced with… CONTINUE READING

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