Endoscopic features of esophageal tuberculosis.

  title={Endoscopic features of esophageal tuberculosis.},
  author={Shahab Abid and Wasim Jafri and Saeed Hamid and Haleem Khan and Akbar Shah Hussainy},
  journal={Gastrointestinal endoscopy},
  volume={57 6},
BACKGROUND Esophageal tuberculosis is rare. Clinical and endoscopic features are variable, diverse, nonspecific, and poorly described. These findings may be confused with those of esophageal cancer and deep fungal infection. METHODS Medical records from a 5-year period (January 1997 to December 2001) were searched for cases of esophageal tuberculosis. For identified cases, the clinical, radiologic, and endoscopic features were evaluated. OBSERVATIONS Four cases of esophageal tuberculosis… CONTINUE READING