Endoscopic-assisted tonsillectomy.

  title={Endoscopic-assisted tonsillectomy.},
  author={Muneo Nakaya and Yuki Kimura and Yuka Onuki and Wataru Kida and Aiko Shiraishi and Chisato Fujimoto and Teruhiko Fuchigami and Kenta Watanabe and Kazuya Abe},
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INTRODUCTION Tonsillectomy is one of the most commonly performed otorhinolaryngologic procedures. There are several techniques for tonsillectomy. Traditionally, tonsillectomy has been performed by means of cold dissection using metal instruments and cold wire snares. Alternative surgical procedures include electrosurgery using monopolar blades, monopolar suction, or bipolar suction. Additionally, several newer techniques have been developed, including CO2 lasers, harmonic scalpels using… CONTINUE READING