Endoscopic aspects of mycosis in the upper digestive tract.


In an evaluation of 2537 endoscopic investigations of the upper digestive tract, yeast-like fungi were found in cultures from 53 purposive brushings (2.1%) obtained from visible mycotic areas. In 46 cases the esophagus only was affected. In the stomach and surrounding the anastomosis after resection, we found 6 positive results. Once, findings were seen in the esophagus as well as in the stomach. Determination of the yeast-like fungi revealed Candida albicans in 43 cases. Other fungi were cultured 18 times, among them Torulopsis glabrata 3 times. In every mycosis culture it is useful to determine the species of yeast-like fungi and the drug sensitivity. Every mycosis should be assessed endoscopically with regard to its degree of severity. Endoscopy is a very important method for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal mycosis. The investigation of more easily obtainable specimens such as throat swabs or feces, may often be of no use.


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