[Endoscope assisted coblation surgery for treating subglottic stenosis].


OBJECTIVE To introduce a new surgical treatment for subglottic stenosis. METHOD Six patients with subglottic stenosis were retrospectively studied. Four cases had history of intubation or tracheostomy. Two cases were because of B cell lymphoma and Wegener granulomatosis. All cases underwent endoscope assisted coblation surgery. RESULT All of the patients were discharged from hospital with no tube in one week after surgery. In a follow-up of 3-21 months, stenosis in 2 cases of B cell lymphoma and Wegener granulomatosis recurred 3 months after operation. These 2 patients were operated by coblation again and are still followed-up by now. CONCLUSION The endoscope assisted coblation surgery is a new minimally invasive method for treating subglottic stenosis. Further more,it can be reused to whom has a relapse.

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