Endorsement of Feminist Beliefs, Openness, and Mindful Acceptance as Predictors of Decreased Transphobia

  title={Endorsement of Feminist Beliefs, Openness, and Mindful Acceptance as Predictors of Decreased Transphobia},
  author={Lisa F. Platt and Spring L. Szoka},
  journal={Journal of Homosexuality},
  pages={185 - 202}
ABSTRACT The inclusion of transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) individuals in feminist theory, discourse, and activism is fraught with controversy. Given this historical tension within various feminism movements, the current study sought to understand the nature of the relationship between endorsement of feminist beliefs and transphobia, and whether the specific individual-level factors such as openness to experience and mindful acceptance, moderate such a relationship. Analyzing data… 
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Results showed that having a mindful nonjudging attitude toward one's inner experience is associated with less internalized sexual stigma in lesbian and bisexual women, and dispositional mindfulness was not associated with heterosexual women's sexual prejudice against gay and lesbian individuals.
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Analyses of data from 250 undergraduate students indicated that anti-LGB prejudice, traditional gender role attitudes, and need for closure each had positive unique relations with anti-transgender prejudice beyond the negative association of social desirability with such prejudice.
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Transsexual Women and Feminist Thought: Toward New Understanding and New Politics
  • R. Connell
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2012
Transsexual women provide rich data for feminist theory but have had a conflict-ridden relationship with feminism since the 1970s. Deconstructionist theory and transgender politics mean greater