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Endorphins-A Forgotten Hidden Magic Holistic Healer: Mini Review

  title={Endorphins-A Forgotten Hidden Magic Holistic Healer: Mini Review},
  author={Shrihari Tg},
Endorphins are endogenous morphine, neuropeptides, synthesized in pituitary gland in response to stress and pain mediated release of CRH (Corticotropic releasing hormone) from hypothalamus activate the release of neuropeptides such as ACTH (Adreno corticotropic hormone), cortisol and noradrenaline. These neuropeptides activate inflammatory mediators such as IL1β, TNF-α, IL-6 and COX-2 inflammatory mediators activate key transcription factors such as NF-kB, STAT-3, involved in tumor progression… 

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Beta-Endorphin - Novel Anti-Tumor Activity
  • T. Shrihari
  • Medicine
    Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis
  • 2019
Basic research findings of anti-tumor activity of beta-endorphin are highlighted, which can be useful in holistic preventive, therapeutic, health promotive and palliative management of cancer without adverse effects.
Beta endorphins - molecules of therapeutics
Beta-endorphins has got various mechanisms of actions such as anti-inflammatory activity, analgesic activity, stress buster activity, and immune stimulatory activity that can be used to treat various diseases such as chronic inflammatory diseases.
Endorphins – a natural healer
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    Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
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Most of all immune cells produced endorphins .in inflammatory state recruitment of immune cells to the site of inflammation by chemokine’s produce endorphins involved in suppression of inflammation
Beta Endorphins – Novel Holistic Palliative Approach in Management of Cancer Pain
The holistic approach of beta-endorphins in palliative management of cancer pain is highlighted, which has an analgesic activity both in peripheral nervous system and central nervous system.


Endorphins on Cancer: A Novel Therapeutic Approach
The role of Beta endorphin on cancers and its anticancer activities is briefs about.
Endorphins are endogenous opioids released from the pituitary gland that are believed to mediate analgesia, induce euphoria, and play a role in the reward system in the brain. It has been suggested
Beta-Endorphin Cell Therapy for Cancer Prevention
It is shown that transplantation of BEP neurons into the hypothalamus suppressed carcinogens- and hormone-induced cancers in various tissues and prevented growth and metastasis of established tumors via activation of innate immune functions, and that activation of the neuroimmune system via BEP neuronal supplementation/induction may have therapeutic value for cancer prevention and improvement of general health.
Modulation of immune responses in stress by Yoga
The effect of stress on the immune system is discussed and how relaxation techniques such as Yoga and meditation could regulate the cytokine levels and hence, the immune responses during stress is examined.
Understanding endorphins and their importance in pain management.
Beta-endorphins are neuropeptides involved in pain management, possessing morphine like effects, and are involved in natural reward circuits such as feeding, drinking, sex and maternal behavior, and their application to the field of surgery centers on their role inPain management.
The psychoneuroimmunological effects of music: A systematic review and a new model
A new model is presented which provides a framework for developing a taxonomy of musical and stress-related variables in research design, and tracing the broad pathways that are involved in its influence on the body.
Stress and autoimmunity.
There is no evidence based research to support the notion that the stress-triggered neuroendocrine hormones lead to immune dysregulation, which ultimately results in autoimmune disease by altering or amplifying cytokine production, but Nonetheless, stress reactions should be discussed with autoimmune patients.
Stress as a trigger of autoimmune disease.
The treatment of autoimmune disease should include stress management and behavioral intervention to prevent stress-related immune imbalance, and obligatory questionnaires about trigger factors should include psychological stress in addition to infection, trauma, and other common triggers.
Acupuncture May Stimulate Anticancer Immunity via Activation of Natural Killer Cells
Clinicians may use acupuncture to promote the induction and secretion of NK-cell activating cytokines that engage specific NK cell receptors that endogenously enhance anticancer immune function.
Levels of immune cells in transcendental meditation practitioners
The technique of meditation studied seems to have a significant effect on immune cells, manifesting in the different circulating levels of lymphocyte subsets analyzed, which may partly explain the results.