Endopeptidases in the stroma and thylakoids of pea chloroplasts.

  title={Endopeptidases in the stroma and thylakoids of pea chloroplasts.},
  author={J E Musgrove and P D Elderfield and Colin Robinson},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={90 4},
Three endopeptidases (EP2, EP3, and EP4) were identified after fractionation of pea (Pisum sativum, var Feltham First) chloroplast stromal extracts. All three were identified by their ability to cleave in vitro-synthesized preplastocyanin to lower molecular weight forms. EP2 is inhibited by phenylmethylsulfonylfluoride, and both EP2 and EP3 are inhibited by the heavy metal chelators 1,10-phenanthroline and EDTA. A further endopeptidase, EP5, was identified in Triton X-100 extracts of thylakoid… CONTINUE READING