Endometriosis in association with uterine anomaly.


Endometriosis is frequently a chronic process, which may begin soon after menarche. The process may be enhanced by mechanical obstruction. Theories of retrograde menstruation and metaplasia still remain in vogue. Endometriosis is a cause of both acute and chronic pelvic pain in the adolescent. We present case reports of müllerian lateral wall fusion defects with surgical correction and evidence for resorption of endometriosis. Clinicians must be aware that patients with uterine anomalies may develop extensive endometriosis, which upon creation of an unobstructed outflow tract results in complete resorption. Furthermore, the mechanism of formation of endometriosis in association with an outflow tract obstruction may be very different from that associated with infertility. We recommend consideration of endometriosis and/or a reproductive tract abnormality in the adolescent with persistent pelvic pain.

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