Endometriosis-associated dyspareunia: the impact on women's lives

  title={Endometriosis-associated dyspareunia: the impact on women's lives},
  author={Elaine Denny and Christopher H. Mann},
  journal={Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care},
  pages={189 - 193}
  • E. DennyC. Mann
  • Published 1 July 2007
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care
Background and methodology Endometriosis is a chronic condition in which endometrial glands and stroma are present outside of the uterus. Whereas chronic pelvic pain is the most commonly experienced pain of endometriosis, many women also suffer from deep dyspareunia. In order to determine how much of an impact endometriosis-associated dyspareunia has on the lives and relationships of women a qualitative study using semi-structured interviews, supplemented with quantitative data on the extent of… 

Dyspareunia in Their Own Words: A Qualitative Description of Endometriosis-Associated Sexual Pain

Deep Dyspareunia and Sexual Quality of Life in Women With Endometriosis

The Experience of Living with Endometriosis

The experience of endometriosis can impact on every aspect of a woman’s life and of those around her, although the range of experience is diverse, and this chapter explores the experiences that are most frequently reported.

The Subjective Experience of Dyspareunia in Women with Endometriosis: A Systematic Review with Narrative Synthesis of Qualitative Research

A systematic review of qualitative research aimed to provide an in-depth exploration of women’s lived experience of dyspareunia, highlighting that endometriosis-related dysPareunia manifests itself in multiple forms and helping women find targeted strategies to enjoy sexuality despite endometRIosis may significantly improve their psychological health and quality of life.

Dyspareunia in their own words: A comprehensive qualitative description of endometriosis-associated sexual pain

Disaggregating dyspareunia into superficial and deep types may better reflect the etiologies of this pain, thereby improving outcome measurement in intervention studies and clinical care.

Endometriosis—A Multifaceted Problem of a Modern Woman

The study showed that patients with endometriosis exhibit a higher level of depression and anxiety disorders and a lower level of sexual functions, and physical activity can reduce the severity of endometRIosis symptoms and improve the daily functioning of patients.

A clinical overview of endometriosis: a misunderstood disease.

The aetiology and clinical aspects of endometriosis are discussed as well as giving an overview of empirical literature surrounding the experience of the disease, to provide nurses with the knowledge to be alert to the possibility of endometricriosis as a diagnosis in women with a certain set of symptoms, in whatever healthcare setting they work.

Sexual function in patients with deep infiltrating endometriosis.

Women with endometriosis exhibit significant dysfunction in the pain domain of the FSFI questionnaire, but this finding was not sufficient to affect the overall sexual function.

Endometrióza a dyspareunie

Dyspareunia in women with endometriosis can be multifactorial, so other diagnoses can participate in the onset of dysPareunia.



Women's experience of endometriosis.

  • E. Denny
  • Medicine
    Journal of advanced nursing
  • 2004
The experience of endometriosis pervades all aspects of a woman's life, and women with this disease need to be taken seriously, and not have their pain trivialized or normalized.

Endometriosis: what a pain it is.

  • P. Vercellini
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Seminars in reproductive endocrinology
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There is little evidence to support the notion that specific psychiatric features render some women more vulnerable to developing endometriosis, and the psychological profile of symptomatic patients with the disease is no different from those with pain and a normal pelvis or other gynecological conditions.

Is Endometriosis Really Associated with Pain?

Results could be seen to support the contention that chronic pelvic pain, dyspareunia and dysmenorrhea are in fact related to the extent of endometriosis.

Correlation between endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Preoperative Administration of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Patients Undergoing Gynecologic Surgery

Preoperative treatment with r-HuEPO in selected anemic patients undergoing gynecologic surgery for benign diseases seems to be a safe and useful tool to reduce the need for red blood cell transfusions.

Gynaecology by Ten Teachers

The text offers an up-to-date authoritative account of the field that should be an excellent source of reference for some years to come.

Research Methods in Health

The new edition of Research Methods in Health continues to provide an excellent broad based introduction to the subject and has been thoroughly revised throughout to include updated references and boxed examples.

Social Research Methods

PART ONE ; 1. The nature and process of social research ; 2. Social research strategies: quantitative research and qualitative research ; 3. Research designs ; 4. Planning a research project and