Endometriosis: radiologic-pathologic correlation.

  title={Endometriosis: radiologic-pathologic correlation.},
  author={Paula J. Woodward and Roya Sohaey and Thomas P Mezzetti},
  journal={Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc},
  volume={21 1},
  pages={193-216; questionnaire 288-94}
Endometriosis is an important gynecologic disorder primarily affecting women during their reproductive years. Pathologically, it is the result of functional endometrium located outside the uterus. It may vary from microscopic endometriotic implants to large cysts (endometriomas). The physical manifestations are protean, with some patients being asymptomatic and others having disabling pelvic pain, infertility, or adnexal masses. Symptoms do not necessarily correlate with the severity of the… CONTINUE READING


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