Endometrial wavelike movements during the menstrual cycle.

  title={Endometrial wavelike movements during the menstrual cycle.},
  author={Marga M Ijland and Johannes L. H. Evers and Gerard A. J. Dunselman and C van Katwijk and Chau R Lo and Henk Hoogland},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={65 4},
OBJECTIVE To qualify and quantify endometrial waves in regularly cycling women. DESIGN A prospective transvaginal ultrasound study was performed throughout 23 cycles of 16 healthy women. Wave type and wave frequency were evaluated. SETTING Normal human volunteers in an academic research environment. PATIENTS Sixteen healthy regularly cycling women. RESULTS Of 23 cycles, 19 proved to be ovulatory. Five types of endometrial waves could be distinguished. Waves from cervix to fundus and… CONTINUE READING

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