Endometrial NK cells are special immature cells that await pregnancy.

  title={Endometrial NK cells are special immature cells that await pregnancy.},
  author={Irit Manaster and Saar Mizrahi and Debra Goldman-Wohl and Hen Yitzhak Sela and Noam Stern-Ginossar and Dikla Lankry and Raizy Gruda and A. Hurwitz and Yuval Bdolah and Ronit Haimov-Kochman and Simcha Yagel and Ofer Mandelboim},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={181 3},
NK cells populate the human endometrium before pregnancy. Unlike decidual NK cells that populate the decidua during pregnancy, the NK cells present in the human endometrium, before pregnancy, have not been fully characterized. In this study, we provide a detailed analysis of the origin, phenotype, and function of endometrial NK cells (eNK). We show that eNK cells have a unique receptor repertoire. In particular, they are negative for NKp30 and chemokine receptor expression, which distinguishes… CONTINUE READING