Endoligamentous revascularization of an anterior cruciate ligament graft.

  title={Endoligamentous revascularization of an anterior cruciate ligament graft.},
  author={Frank N. Unterhauser and Hermann Josef Bail and Juergen Hoeher and N. P. Haas and Andreas Weiler},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
After replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament with a free tendon graft, the substitute initially is avascular and without a synovial surface. To ensure long-term survival, the graft must become revascularized. Despite numerous studies on the topic, there still is discussion regarding revascularization. The goal of the current study was to investigate the endoligamentous microcapillary revascularization of the free tendon graft after anterior cruciate ligament replacement with time. Thirty… CONTINUE READING